Our Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) is a tax efficient reward scheme that we use to recognise and incentivise our leadership team, our biggest billers and the individuals who achieve Partner status within our Exec practice. The LTIP is calculated using the NET Profit on the respective P&L in the previous 12-month period. Our next pay-out is due to take place in 2022 and it’s not too late to join the scheme.

Our success to date can be attributed to our entrepreneurial nature and the belief that leaders who help to create real value for the business should enjoy and benefit from a market-leading LTIP. This has enabled the company to grow turnover year on year since our inception in 2003 to well in excess of £115m.

Our MBO in 2013 (which was backed by Investec) was a great success and provided the platform for us to not only reward and retain key people but also to attract the entrepreneurs to help fuel our future growth.

Our strategic partnership with Career International has allowed us to go even further by extending the scope of our new LTIP to a broader selection of key individuals who will now have the opportunity to be part of the scheme for the first time. The introduction of the Senior Principal Consultant title has presented us with the opportunity to incentivise and reward some of our biggest billers who rightly prefer to play to their considerable strengths rather than going down the management route.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Associate Partner and Partner titles is designed to strengthen and grow our share of the senior exec market – and individuals who achieve Partner status will now also have the opportunity to benefit from our new LTIP.

And of course, our existing market-leading scheme for AD’s and Director’s will continue to offer our leaders an exciting opportunity for significant wealth creation.

View the individual levels on the following document. If you want to find out more about our LTIP and what it could translate to in monetary terms for you, contact our TA team.

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