We pride ourselves on the calibre of our people and the wealth of knowledge and experience throughout the business is unquestionable. Sharing of this knowledge and experience through a lunch and learn programme, works as a great addition to our formalised one-to-one desk training. The sessions are all built around the topics that our wider Investigo community have fed back they want to learn more about, following which we find the most appropriate person in the business to host the session.

The sessions bring together insight, knowledge and experience, along with practical tips that consultants can integrate into their day to day.

Previous sessions have included:

  • ​Improving your Productivity

  • Client Mapping (Contract and Perm)

  • Running a Successful Temp Desk

  • Negotiation 101

  • Selling Retainers

  • BD Strategy and Success

  • Process Control

  • Maximising your Accounts

  • The Art of Persuasion

  • Lead Generation and Conversion

  • Complex Offer Management

  • BD Success

The Lunch and Learns are available to everyone across the business and are run by the Investigo Directorship Leadership team.

Feedback from the sessions

“The lunch and learns are great as they give you direct access to some of the most experienced recruiters out there. It’s really interesting to get their insight into different topics but they also give you some really helpful tips that you can take back to your desk and start using straight away.”

"I thought the session was excellent, well-structured with key objectives and group interaction. I always appreciate lots of examples of what the “trainer” would say in the situation."

“It’s great that the directorship take the time out of the day to help develop consultants. I always find the sessions really informative and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to improve and develop.”

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