Following on from the appointment of our Head of Operational Excellence in 2015, our Learning and Development (L&D) offering has now expanded to be a team of three. This is in direct response to the demand for one-to-one dedicated support outside of team based ‘on the job’ training. Drawing on considerable experience gained in the recruitment industry, the team provide support to help you reach your full potential. Each team has a dedicated L&D specialist to support them on their team member’s development. 90% of the training the L&D team carry out is one-to-one. Our team conduct ‘at desk’ reviews looking to ensure our employees are getting the very best out of their working day.

Our L&D team also run a number of training sessions that bring peers together from across the business for group-based activities. This includes regular lunch and learn sessions run by both the L&D team and senior leaders across the business. Their most recent initiative is a management development programme for our manager community across the whole of the business. Session include insight into building your team out, how to effectively manage change and conducting effective appraisals.

As well as providing the business exposure to an experienced L&D team, we have recently launched a new mentoring platform called Open Blend. Open Blend, designed to identify employee’s key motivators both in and out of work, is based on the premise that we are all different and mentoring conversations should be around what is important to the individual. Every employee is asked to pick 8 (out of 24) factors that are most important to them, these can range from family, to health, to fun, to being organised, to making a difference at work. The sessions are all based around how the individual can improve these factors to result in the ultimate work-life blend. This will enable you and your manager to have conversations around what is important to you as an individual.

Our investment in Learning and Development is all part of our commitment to equipping our people with the best support, so they can take full advantage of our 2022 strategy and grow alongside the business into new and exciting opportunities.