Our 2019 strategy has both an internal and external focus. The external focus looks at how we can work alongside our clients to improve their own D&I recruitment strategy, which you can find out some more about on our main website. Our internal focus looks at areas we need to improve at as a business. We are on a journey and have made some extremely positive steps which we are really proud of.

Our D&I team formed back in November 2016, includes an eclectic group of individuals from across our business who meet on a quarterly basis to discuss relevant topics. Every six months we conduct a survey of the business on inclusion topics, the results from which drive change within our business. The main focus of the team is to ensure that as a business we are creating a diverse workforce where our employees feel comfortable and that they belong.

Some of our D&I triumphs to date:

Unconscious Bias Training

We train every person within a business on Unconscious Bias, these sessions take place every six months and our next group is due in December 2019. There is of course a danger we could become too introspective when recruiting, where we consciously or otherwise look to hire those people ‘just like us’. To mitigate against this, all our consultants undertook this training, designed to create awareness of our own unconscious biases so we are able to identify and address them before making hiring decisions.

Disability Committed

We are currently a Disability Committed Employer and are working towards becoming a Disability Confident Employer. We have a project team dedicated to this and our current actions for this initiative include working to make our website fully accessible to everyone via a platform called Recite Me. This year we are supporting a disability charity and are encouraging each of our employees to get involved with volunteering to help break down some of the misconceptions around disability.

Women at Investigo

Our gender inclusion survey was conducted across the whole of the business, which has led to us selecting one of our female Directors to lead our Women’s Network at Investigo – WIN (Women In Investigo) creating an open forum to discuss projects, work life and career goals. We also conduct a female mentoring programme to help bring more female talent up through the ranks to senior positions.