Our culture goes well beyond company socials though. At Investigo, you will find your colleagues at Investigo are exceptional in terms of their desire to build meaningful relationships with their candidates and clients. The level of expertise across the business is undeniable and you will be surrounded by people who have a real drive to succeed.

For us it goes far beyond just achieving our targets, as a business we want to give back to our employees by making sure that they are rewarded for their commitment and that they work in an environment where they feel they belong. Our mentoring platform, Open Blend, enables us to have open conversations with our people that focus entirely on what is important to them. Encouraging an environment where they feel they can bring their ‘full self’ to work.

We also look at the influence and effect we can have on the bigger picture, by using our presence and influence in the industry to positively impact on topics that we feel strongly about. Our charity and D&I initiatives are at the heart of our business and we put on an array of events through the course of the year to give exposure to these topics that we are fiercely passionate about.