Thank you Investigo!

9 months ago Elizabeth Bevan

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​Hi. I’m Elizabeth. I’ve been part of the Investigo US family for the past 3 years and in January of this year, I won the Person of the Year 2019 award at our annual conference in London. I can't quite believe it was me they chose, and still feel honoured and thrilled to have won!

I was so pleased to have won this particular award as it really resonates with me - Investigo is all about its people and I love that. I always think of values as “what’s important to me” and Investigo’s values match mine in that they are about passion, fun, looking out for each other, integrity and candour. This, in turn, impacts on our culture or “the way that we do things around here” and I see Investigo as a company that puts the people first, invests in its teams and one where hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

In the face of our current global challenge January seems like a long time ago. The workplace is very different and I want to take a moment to thank Investigo for their continued and constant support as we navigate through COVID19. Our senior leaders are open, honest and transparent with us about the challenges that lay ahead and offer daily encouragement and help about how best to approach the various markets and clients, as well as handling working from home and the pressures associated with what has become the new norm. Their commitment to their teams is tangible and I find that level of support motivating and inspirational.

If our values strike a cord with you and you wish to join the Invesitgo family, whether its our UK or US locations, please get in touch! We are hiring and would love to learn more about you.