Before and après!

12 months ago Nikki Gillard


Investigo’s high achievers hit the heights in Morzine

“There’s always one,” we thought as we sat there on the runway at Gatwick on Saturday morning waiting for take-off. Even on an all-expenses paid, luxury five-star weekend away, someone has to be late. Had to feel for our tardy colleague though – he actually arrived at the airport before we took off, but he wasn’t allowed to board the plane and had to get on the next flight an hour later. Still, we all got there in the end.

One late arrival out of 30-odd isn’t bad. This was the most people we’ve ever had on one of these trips, which is a pretty good sign. This quarter’s high achievers trip was to beautiful Morzine in the French Alps. I was lucky enough to be on it after being nominated by my manager. This was my second, so I’m getting to be a bit of a veteran on these skiing trips – more with the après than the skiing, admittedly.

After the minor drama, we at last touched down in Geneva and boarded the coach to France. Then it was time for two days of skiing and (ahem) chilling. There were skiing lessons on offer for anyone who wanted to develop their skills, but some of us decided to skip those and try our luck on the slopes, which was probably a bad idea.

You learn so much about your colleagues when you’re sharing a chalet and a ski slope. My chalet mate is an incredibly good skier for a beginner. One of our directors dropped his normally professional demeanour and showed us a little of his non-work side, and a recruitment manager took letting yourself go to new levels.

The skiing wasn’t without its mishaps, though. One senior consultant had a little sleep on the slope after a particularly tiring night. Another colleague managed to injure his finger, which ballooned to about five times its usual size.

The non-skiers could go for walks (or if they were lazy, take the ski lift) and enjoy some sightseeing in the picturesque mountains. There was also a trip to Les Allues, a beautiful little town in the Allues valley, for a bit of tourism and souvenirs. There were even sleigh rides for those who wanted someone else to do all the work.

Available to directors, new starters and everyone in between, our high achievers trips reward each quarter’s top performers with weekends at some of the most incredible places in Europe. Previous trips have included Iceland, Barcelona, Berlin and Ibiza. The trips don’t just reward sales performance either. There are also places for people who contribute in other ways, such as our support staff. It all goes to show that the company appreciates the contribution of all staff, no matter what their job. Being genuinely appreciated and rewarded for your efforts really does make the job worthwhile.

A big thank you to Investigo for a fantastic weekend and to our directors for hosting. From freezing ski slopes to bubbling hot tubs, from après ski to after sun, from kipping in the snow to dancing on the tables, it was one weekend we’ll never forget.