You shouldn’t be speaking to me, I might have just the opportunity you are looking for.

over 1 year ago Agata Terriss

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Don’t connect with competitors’

‘Don’t accept InMails’

‘Don’t talk to Rec2Recs’

Have you heard any of these before? I’m willing to bet you have…

As the Head of Talent Acquisition, it’s my job to talk to Recruiters. I am amazed, that in the age of hyper-connectivity, I still hear recruiters say they are unable to connect with me or reply to my messages because they have been told by their bosses that they’re not allowed to talk to recruiters. Is this decision driven by you or the company you work for? For what it's worth, I actually believe it's a bit of both - you are genuinely too busy to take your own advice (you know, the one where you tell your candidates to be open minded) and the fact that you might be worried that your boss might find out you're considering your options.

Three Key Reasons you should be talking to Recruiters?

  1. Your Responsiveness to Change. Recruitment is a constantly evolving business and we all know how quickly things can change. It is for exactly this reason you should have rec2rec contacts amongst your connections. Whether it’s a change of commission structure, a new reporting line, progression limitations, one of your key client collapses and you lose all of your runners, your bestie leaves or just that it is time for change, it is the smart recruiter that has created a network of competitors that they can reach out to and see what they have to offer.

  2. To Plan Your Future. As Wes from Love Island (it’s on in a few weeks, yay!) used to say “Am I happy? Yes. Could I be happier? Yes.” You should be asking yourself the same question, what is it that makes me happy in my current role? What would I change? Is it taking me where I want to go? What would make me happier? You would be surprised at the things that’ll pop into your head when you start thinking about your situation. Pick up the phone and speak to your competitors, see what they do differently and how your life would change if you were to move. I think you'll find you will be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Call the Shots from a Good Position. I am sure you are familiar with the statement ‘The higher the demand, the higher the price’ and with most recruitment business hiring right now we are in an extremely candidate led market. This means that companies are willing to be both competitive and creative when it comes to attracting the best talent in the market. The higher your billings, the more likely you are to overlook the other negatives of your current role and stay with your employer. It is those same billings that make you such an attractive proposition for your competition.

Make the considerable efforts you have put in work for you and look around when you’re successful, you’ll be surprised by what is out there. I am not saying jump ship at the first opportunity that presents itself but do look around and compare what the market can offer.

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